Arabian Nights

Stealing from the Wicked


Adnan, the dervish, has had disturbing dreams as of late. Dreams of sand and the words "open in the name of…" and the rest fades. It is unknown what these dreams could mean or where they are coming from. After prayer Adnan speaks to his sheikh, Adman the Wise, and he advises that Adnan should "take a leave of absence from the city, perhaps go east to the desert or travel by ship to refocus." This eases Adnan's mind, and he takes a walk down the streets to think of which way to go.

After prayer Zabiyah goes to the university where her teacher, Ishmael the Scholar, appears most troubled. He is distraught with grief. He glances towards her as she enters, "Zabiyah, my most promising student, thank god you are here." Looking around the room Zabiayah sees the strangest cat, white with black stripes, like a zebra, and dull red eyes. Ishmael continues, "I have terrible news to relate to you, your peer, Hisham, is under a terrible spell." Ishmael points to the strange feline. "Unfortunately I know not how to reverse it, despite all my attempts to research a cure."

"Zabiyah, I need you to see if you can contact Rais at the dock, I've had dealings with him in the past. We need passage westward as soon as possible."

As Zabiyah is walking towards the dock she meets her cousin, Adnan, and the two speak at length about their recent troubles. They decide that they should both go to the dock and make this journey together.

Farid the Navigator looks on as Zabiyah and Adnan make travel arraignments with Rais the Captain.  They settle on 5 dinar per person per day of the trip. After the pair have left Rais tells Farid "Looks as though we'll at last have customers, please take these bags of goods to my brother Jawad, while I make preparations." Farid does as he is instructed and barely avoids detection by a few of his enemies from the past.

When Zabiyah and her cousin make it back to the university, Ishmael says, "Zabiyah, I am sorry, but I have other duties to attend to so I will describe to you what needs to be done. You must take Hisham to an island a days sailing to the west. This island will be covered by fog. On this island, down into an abandoned well there resides a djinni. His name is Glurtak, he is quick to anger so do not test him. Glurtak will know the cure for Hisham or at least how to acquire it. Tell him I sent you and that his vow to me will be fulfilled for this deed. Here is 20 dinar to see you on your way. We shall train more when you return. You are my most promising student; I should want that you teach in my stead once I am unable to. I can't help but believe that there is something I'm forgetting to tell you, but I should remember when you return."

Zabiyah sticks Hisham in a sack, as to not attract attention, and meets Farid at the dock with Adnan. With all the preparations made the ship is underway.

Zabiyah plays her flute to pass the time, and everyone sleeps.

Adnan dreams of just words "Zafir… Zafir…"

One by one everyone awakens, only to find the ship surrounded by mist. A few minutes later an island comes into view directly ahead, surrounded by trees.

Zabiyah, Farid, Adnan and two other sailors disembark onto the shore. There is wreckage on the beach and going through the trees they come to a clearing. A well resides in the middle with ruins of buildings surrounding it. The larger problem of course is that there are three man eating giants rotisserie-ing a human on a fire by the well AND there are two more talking to each other and walking towards the party.

Adnan thinks talking to them may be viable option so he and Farid start walking towards the patrolling two giants. Zabiyah stays back with the two sailors.

Once the giants see Adnan and Farid they yell out "HUMANS! LETS EAT!" Farid is nearly crushed to powder while fighting one while Zabiyah turns the other into a bird.

The two sailors dispatch one of the three from the camp fire at range using bows, just then a voice booms out "ENOUGH!" A large red djinni with fangs coming from the lower jaw and a pony tail of charcoal black hair comes billowing out of the well like smoke. "Who is it that disturbs my island and my peace?" speaks Glurtak. With a waving of his hands the other two giants turn to clouds.

Zabiyah explains their plight.

Glurtak says that "only one person has the cure for Hisham's misfortune. It is Zafir the Wicked and he has a treasure chamber kept in a secret location in Egypt, to the south. I will tell you of it if you swear to retrieve an item for me."

Everyone agrees.

"I require any black rocks that you find, they will be pure black and have the weight and feel of steel. It is said that Zafir has several locations like this scattered about the world to horde his greed and he frequents the locations at random to deter thieves. So jealous is he of his wealth that he trusts no one to guard it but him. He speaks magic words which open the secret passage's, supposedly different for each one. You should wait in hiding so that you may learn the words yourselves." "And I should warn you, don't be caught, he is as powerful as I."

Everyone boards the ship and disembarks on Egypt.

Anan speaks the words "Open in the name of Zufir" and gains access.

Farid gets badly injuried by a giant snake before Zabiyah is able to transform it into a bird.

Everyone divides up the wealth:


2 sets of chain mail $550 each

Black stones

47 miscellaneous diamonds $940

13 scrolls of various levels of writing        at least $1000


Everyone gets back on the boat and gets back to the island to heal Hisham.

When everyone gets back to Acre they give alms to the poor and their lives return to normal for the next 3 days…


The year is 1186; the Franks hold Jerusalem and several other cities in Palestine.  The great Sultan, Salah al-Din, ruler of Egypt, occupies Damascus and other Syrian towns, and has just begun to attack Mosul in northern Iraq.
 It is a dry hot morning in Acre, with winds blowing gently westward. Adhan, call to prayer goes out, starting with Allāhu Akbar "God is The Greatest". As you walk down the dusty streets to the mosque, you have the strangest feeling that yesterday was the last mundane day of your life and what lies ahead is only great exploits and terrible danger…


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